10 Book of the Adversary

Here you’ll find what little is known about the abysmal and eternal foes of the Hunt.

The Adversary is the quarry of a Hunt, though they are far from easy prey. They are powerful, cunning, and desperate to survive their encounter with a Cazador and their Pack. Adversaries are sometimes supported by a cadre of (Minions)[#foes] that fight and die to defend them, but the Adversary alone is the well from which the Hunt and its horrors abound.

Each Adversary is unique, armed with knowledge and abilities that set it apart from other earthly creatures. However, all Adversaries are immune to the effects of Difficult and Dangerous Terrain and, despite a Pack’s numbers, they are never considered Surrounded.

Using This Book

In this book you’ll find everything that you need to set your Pack of Cazadores and Companions against the fearsome and unnatural creatures of the Hunt.

In Foe Mechanics, you’ll find the most important rules that affect Foes, already contained in the book of The Hunter, reprinted here for easy reference.

In Adversaries, you’ll find an account of all the Adversaries known to the keepers of the Hunt. In Adversary Sheets, you’ll also find a pre-filled Model Sheet for each Adversary in this book so that you can print or photocopy it for use at the table.

Lastly, in Creating Adversaries, you’ll find some rough guidelines for you to tap into the whirling nightmares and horrors of the Hunt in your own mind.




  • The Adversary section is broken out into its own “book” for ease of use!
  • New Adversaries: An Accursed Construct, A Creature Wreathed in Light, The Constant Emperor’s Praetorians, and A Neonate Wyrm.

Wandering Son of the Mountain

  • He’s received a few buffs to his stats (+1 ATK, +1 DEF, +TER), since he was a little too easy even as a starting Adversary.
  • Some attacks have also received tweaks for clarity and balance.



  • Reduced the +RNG on all Adversary Action by 1 to make it a little easier to maneuver around them.

Constant Emperor’s Praetorians

  • -1 ATK and -1 SPD to the Praetorians who were a tad too strong.
  • Special rules for The Triumvirate have been renamed under TThread That Binds so that The Triumvirate now explains how they are deployed.
  • Additionally, clarified how much the Praetorian’s Personal Clock is advanced when they each take different actions while resolving decision trees.

Creature Wreathed in Light

  • -1 SPD to Attributes.

Neonate Wurm

  • -1 SPD to Attributes.