Matachin Games
Homebrew RPGs and miniatures games

Starting off…

So…welcome to the blog.

This is a space for me (@Jae_Noza) to post about tabletop games.

Mostly, this is here to try and force a little accountability for all of the various game designs I’m working on.

Matachin Games is not really a thing, at least not yet, but it has a name for the same reason that this blog exists: so that there’s some record out there in the ether for me to point to.

I plan to spit out my notes, ideas, and thoughts about my games here as I work on them. There are also quite a few other games out there that don’t get the attention they deserve so I hope to write little bits about them here too.

Right now, all you can do is head over to the Games section for an overview of the main projects I’m working on now. They’re all in different states of development and disarray but they’re there (or will be)!