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A Cooperative Miniatures Game of Daring Hunts

In Cazadores, each player creates a single Cazador, a brave and formidable hunter hellbent on hunting and defeating fearsome mythical beasts, twisted beings, uncanny horrors, and other terrifying Adversaries. Cazadores are joined by a rare few Companions willing to follow them into the wilderness, through the desert, across mountains, into the lairs of monstrous things, and the darkness between the planes.

Cazadores is a narrative-focused game that can be played solo or cooperatively. It only requires 1-4 miniatures per side and a 24”x24” space, making it a perfect kitchen table game and introduction to those new to the miniatures hobby.


  • A simple d10 dice pool system that resolves actions in a single roll (e.g., to hit, damage, and modifiers)
  • A Time-based initiative system where actions cost “Ticks” contributing to a more dynamic flow for combat.
  • Streamlined stats and decision trees that make Foes’ actions easy to determine and execute.
  • Unique attacks and abilities for Adversaries using a standard deck of playing cards to make them special and intriguing enemies.

Design Goals

The game was inspired by my desire to get more use out of miniatures from big box board games, usually from Kickstarter, like Blood Rage, Kingdom Death Monster, etc., that just don’t see the table that often.

The current version is an early draft with only one Adversary to take on but more are coming and the guts of the system are there. With a little imagination you can run with this to set up your own Hunts.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I have so far. If you do take it for a spin, make sure to let me know: