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Cazadores v.04 - Balance updates and new covers!

Layout Progress

Since the last update, I’ve focused mostly on learning enough of Affinity Publisher to put together a version of Cazadores that looks a little better and is easier to use.

So far, I’ve made some progress in laying out The Hunter book and it looks infinitely better for it. Additionally, I’ve thrown together some better looking covers and will be using something along these lines for the rest of the releases.

Midnight Light
The latest attempt at covers for The Hunter and The Adversary

Version .04

I’ve also gotten a chance to play a few more games and better playtest the Adversaries currently in the game (and thanks to feedback I’ve received from others).

In turn, the latest version of Cazadores has made a few balance changes across the board and codified a few things. As always, the Changelog in the docs are more detailed but these are the highlights:

General Changes

  • Overlapping has been changed so that Friendly Models can pass each other while moving.
  • A Pass Action has been added to codify what happens when a Model passes on their Turn.
  • The Cover Ground Action has been made a little less strong in comparison to regular Move.
  • Objective-specific Gear has been made less scarce to make accomplishing Objectives easier.

Adversary Changes

  • All Adversary Actions with +RNG have been reduced by 1 to make it easier to manuever around them during games.
  • The Praetorians: -1 ATK and -1 SPD, along with some detailed rules for their deployment.
  • Creatured Wreathed in Light: -1 SPD.
  • Neonate Wurm: -1 SPD.

What’s Next

  • Introduction of versions with good layout (hopefully!)
  • Addition of Abilities for use in long-term play
  • Rules for Scars!
    • I’m excited about what I have so far for these. When defeated, your Models are more likely to walk away, but over time as Scars accumulate they are more likely to die if they are defeated during the Hunt. It should add a sense of escalation and your hunters being worn down by their defeats rather than an quick and ignominious death.
  • New Model Sheets
    • I’m really not happy with the current set available. I have some ideas as to where to go with them but haven’t had a chance to try that out yet. Now that there’s a more distinct style to the game as well, I’m hoping they’ll be nicer to look at.

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